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By , Asian Americans are projected to hold an estimated $1 trillion buying power, or %. Further, the average family income earned by the Asian American population is more than $20, higher than the U.S. average family income, which was $70, Nielsen worked closely with its Asian Pacific American External Advisory Council, which is comprised of industry, community, academia and business leaders, to establish best practices for panel recruitment and procedures to better reflect the consumer habits of the Asian-American community. Asian American households spent 19% more than overall households in , with much of the spending focused on food, transportation, housing, clothing and insurance. That’s % of the % Asian American representation in the general population. In relation to total sales, Mercedes-Benz did even better, selling % of its , new car sales (or 27,) to Asian Americans, for % of our proportionate share. “Although Asian-Americans prefer buying name-brand products over generics, they would be attracted to the store brand if they were familiar with it.” One of the most effective ways to familiarize Asian-Americans with store brand products could be through in-language advertising. AsAm News is a website dedicated to documenting the Asian American experience and showcasing its depth and diversity. Here you will find a full roundup of headlines about the Asian American community from both mainstream and ethnic media. To contact AsAmNews, please email us at [email protected] Menthol cigarettes are disproportionately purchased by African Americans. This has been the case for decades, as the tobacco industry has aggressively targeted African American communities with menthol products. Asian Americans have a median household income of $63, compared with the general population's $49,, and are 54% more likely to earn incomes in excess of $,

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This is the first textbook written to welcome those who are new to Asian American psychology. Concepts and theories come to life by relating the material to everyday experiences and by including activities, discussion questions, exercises, clinical case studies, and internet resources. American-made consumer products available on-line. Bedding [Back to Top]. Amana Woolen Mill (Amana, IA): plaid and pastel acrylic and cotton blankets, embroidered blankets; American Made Dorm (Louisville, KY): bedding for dorm and home in TwinXL to King sizes. Comforters, sheets, mattress toppers and towels, all made in USA in lots of great prints. “Original and provocative, this book is a revelation, making a sorely needed intervention in the fields of media studies, social movement studies, ethnic studies, and American studies. Want to support U.S. workers and industry? Learn why it's important to purchase American-made products - and find out how you can do so. The photograph, from a direct-photo postcard owned by Dan Kerlee (, may be the only one still in existence. It shows that many of Ando's premier products, then as now, were baluster-shaped vases like the one in the advertisement.

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The interTrend Knowledge Center was created to better understand and track changes in Asian American consumption behavior so that marketers can establish more effective relationships with Asian American consumers," explains Julia Huang, President and CEO of interTrend Communications. Diverse and deeply rooted in their cultural traditions, today’s Asian-Americans value high-quality products and services and are brand loyal shoppers. And their unique consumption and media habits that are helping to redefine the American mainstream.

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